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Personalizing the Member Journey: The Experience Age

How to retain your clients through a personalized and experiential member journey.


Join us as we welcome Aussie boutique fitness gurus all the way from Sydney, Australia. They will be in town speaking at IDEA World, so we thought it was a perfect opportunity to bring in a new perspective on how to retain your clients through a personalize and experiential member journey.

This educational workshop is designed to provide you with the most up to date, ready to apply information to maximize results, retention, and value in your fitness facility.

Bring a staff member or front desk manager so they can help you implement what you learn!

Here is the information on what to expect:

The Experience Age: Personalizing the Member Journey

As business evolves from information to what is now known as the experience age, we take a deep dive into the effect this has had on how people choose to spend their money. In the fitness industry, we are seeing a shift in member expectations, perceived value and a need for something greater than exercise alone. Why is it people are willing to spend double or triple at a small boutique studio vs larger chain? Analysis of the most successful brands has discovered that the answer is simply not the product alone, but in fact, comes down to 2 key principles.

  1. An end to end member experience that offers more than just exercise
  2. A personalized approach that focuses on the physical and emotional needs of every member

While experience may be the new buzzword, it is important to recognize that everyone is different and that one person's experience can be another's nightmare. The key to successfully transitioning through this change in paradigm within the fitness industry lies in the ability of the facility to create a personalized end to end member experience that gets results!

What we will cover:

  • The evolution: Information Age to the Experience Age
  • Our 5 key principles of experience
  • Immersion and Convenience vs Luxury and Status based experiences
  • Learning from the best vs common mistakes
  • The Science of personalization; the biology of behaviors
  • How we create personalized experiences
  • Creating rockstar instructors, why it’s more than just your product
  • Personalized E2E Experience; how to create CULT'ure!
  • Future tech, here today: Integration and Scalability to your facility


Emma Masters

Emma is a passionate, motivated presenter and educator with 10 years experience in the health and fitness industry. Emma was part of the senior management teams at Virgin Active Australia and UK, developing and training Virgin Active’s boutique products in both rhythm and metric-based cycle.

Kyle Riley

Kyle has a degree in exercise science and has travelled the world speaking, educating and implementing personalised and holistic health principles with a passion to change the paradigm within the fitness industry over the past 10 years.


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