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Marketing Funnels Made Easy

Join us with our BOLD speaker and marketing guru, Vito Le Fata to learn how to make marketing funnels easy.


Funnels are the holy grail of building an automated business. When you can consistently create quality leads, warm up your relationships and make passive sales, it can free up your time and boost finances. Building a funnel is not complicated or overwhelming when you have the process and step-by-step formula. If you have a winning funnel you can predict the income and influence you are making with your business. While everyone is trying to win the social media game, you can be making sales on autopilot!


In this session you will:


- Walk away with the step by step formula to build a funnel from start to finish.

- Know how to create SEO optimized content that leads to your list growth and more sales.

- Know how to create and offer higher-priced programs to your current clients so they spend more with you and you increase your cash in hand.

- See how to automate your lead generation and sales for more time and financial freedom.

- Checklist of budget-friendly tools and services that make getting online easy and less overwhelming.


Vito La Fata


Fitness Profit Systems

Vito La Fata is the founder of Fitness Profit Systems, host of The Fitnesspreneur’s Life Show, and co-founder of The Visionary Planner. Vito’s mission is to help fitnesspreneurs build brands that monetize their message, experiences and expertise.


Marina Village Conference Center

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San Diego, CA 92109

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