San Diego

2020 Vision on Upcoming Fitness & Wellness Trends

Find out how trends and consumer spending habits in fitness and wellness in San Diego are changing in 2020!


We're presenting findings from MINDBODY's Wellness Index at this event.


The report is a fun, informative look at San Diego's habits and changes in what people are interested in doing more of our trying out for the first time. You'll also get a look at national trends from Amaya Weddle, Senior Director of Research and Experiences at MINDBODY.


During this event Amaya Becvar Weddle, Ph.D,Senior Director, Research & Experiences, will be presenting the 2020 national data, trends and insights for beauty, wellness, and fitness based businesses via Livestream. Following this presentation, Tiffany Davis, San Diego Marketing Manager, will dive into the San Diego specific trends!


Check out our 2020 Wellness Index report for yourself!


Parking: Parking is free and plentiful

Food: Lite bites and beverages will be included.



The Point

1010 Santa Clara Place

San Diego, CA 92109

32.7851903, -117.2492234