A Guide to Text Message Marketing

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A Guide to Text Message Marketing

To put it plainly: Texting is a part of daily life. SMS has almost replaced phone calls as the way to make plans and stay in touch. Why? Because texting is as easy as it is versatile.

Businesses, too, can take advantage of text marketing to reach customers wherever they are. Text message marketing software can help with that.

Text message marketing software gives you a way to participate in the conversation. Texting your clients about your latest offers—or simply to say, “We haven’t seen you in a while! Hope to see you soon.”—often helps to re-engage them and keep them coming back.

Download this guide for a comprehensive review of everything it takes to master the art of text message (SMS) marketing, including:

  • Setting expectations with clients, so they’re not surprised (or annoyed) to receive a text message from you

  • Building SMS campaigns that convert and keep clients coming back

  • Finding the right text message marketing software for your business

  • Automating your texting, once you know what SMS strategy works best

  • Analysing the results of any text messages you send to keep improving

It’s worth acknowledging, of course, that clients may not be accustomed to getting text messages from businesses—even businesses they have a good relationship with. That’s why it’s important to let them know upfront that texting is something you do, so they have can opt into becoming a subscriber. 

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