A Customer Experience Audit for Your Wellness Business

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Customer experience audit for wellness


A Customer Experience Audit for Your Wellness Business

Your customers are the most important part of your wellness business. 

Do you and your staff put each customer interaction and touchpoint⁠—your customer experience⁠—first? 

Customer experience is the impact you have on each customer, influencing how they feel about your brand, throughout their customer journey. This includes every social post and review they read, the sights and smells that welcome them into your space, and the emails and text messages they receive after a service. When it comes to an exceptional customer experience, details matter. 

So, how does your customer experience fare? Download our interactive, customer experience audit to evaluate yours. 

The audit outlines four key stages of a customer's journey—awareness, action/conversion, loyalty, and advocacy—to evaluate your customer experience. For example:

  • Does your online presence align with the rest of your marketing efforts?

  • Does your website have easy-to-use navigation so customers can readily book appointments? Is it SEO-optimised? Mobile-responsive?

  • Does your front-desk staff represent your brand?

  • Does your physical space set the right tone for your customer experience? Does it match your brand?

  • Do you stay in touch between appointments with customers via text and email marketing?

  • Do you encourage and reward loyal clients to leave reviews and refer friends and family?

Once you've completed the audit, you'll know where your customer experience shines and where there’s room for improvement. We'll show you how MINDBODY can help too. 

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