A Customer Experience Audit for Your Salon or Spa

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Customer Experience Audit for Salon or Spa


A Customer Experience Audit for Your Salon or Spa

Customer experience is everything. Does yours leave a lasting impression? 

Customer experience is the overall perception of your business, based on every interaction and touchpoint a customer has with your brand. This includes how a customer learns about your business to how they're greeted at your front desk, to the way they're engaged with after each service. 

A great customer experience is what keeps clients coming back. It's also what sets your salon or spa apart from the competition. 

So, how does yours stack up? Download our interactive customer experience audit to find out. 

Our audit outlines the four stages of a customer's journey—awareness, action/conversion, loyalty, and advocacy—to help you answer the following questions:

  • Is your online presence consistent across your brand?

  • Does your website offer a user-friendly experience?

  • Are you using social media marketing and review sites to further your brand?

  • Is your front-desk staff executing your customer experience strategy?

  • Does your in-person experience make every client feel special?

  • Are you using automated email and text marketing to keep in touch with your clients?

  • Are you turning loyal clients into brand advocates?

Once you've completed the customer experience audit, you'll have a good idea where your spa or salon excels and where there’s room to improve. Plus, we'll show you exactly how MINDBODY can help.

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