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Top Trends for 2019: Yoga

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Yoga instructor helping with modifications in a yoga class

Research Report

Top Trends for 2019: Yoga

This International Yoga Day, we're celebrating the many different types of yoga practiced all around the world. We crunched the numbers and found out how many minutes yogis spent on the mat globally through MINDBODY classes last year⁠—and it’s a LOT.

We were eager to research more about what types of yoga are the most popular and what motivates yogis to practice.

Download the report now to learn more facts and statistics about yoga from our research, including:

  • How much yoga took place on the MINDBODY platform last year
  • The most popular types of yoga on the MINDBODY platform
  • The top reasons people practice yoga and how important yoga is for both mental health (including stress relief) and physical health (which includes improved breathing and posture)
  • Which days are most popular to book yoga classes and how important yoga teachers are in deciding to return to a particular yoga class
  • How meditation beats chanting and "Namaste" as the preferred way to end a yoga practice
  • Where hot yoga is the most popular around the world
  • What keeps non-yogis from trying yoga as a form of physical exercise
  • What word comes to mind when non-yogis think "yoga" (hint: it's not goats)

Download the Research Report

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