A Staffing Template for Your Wellness Business

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A Staffing Template for Your Wellness Business

Building a successful wellness business starts with a professional and hardworking team.

Whether you're bringing on your first or thirtieth employee, having documentation—from job descriptions to exit interview questions—that outlines your recruitment, hiring, and onboarding processes is the key to success.

Ready to get started? Download our Staffing Guide Template for Your Wellness Business and the accompanying Ultimate Guide to Staffing for: 

  • Sample job descriptions and postings

  • Interview questions

  • Training processes and checklists

  • Termination checklists and more 

Plus, we’ll show you the importance of: 

  • Establishing core values to guide your wellness business and your role as an employer

  • Documenting onboarding and day-to-day process(es) for your wellness center

  • Putting together an employee handbook that outlines both employee expectations and benefits (sales incentives, employee health benefits, wellness programs, etc.)

Download the Template


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