A Staffing Template for Your Fitness Business

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A Staffing Template for Your Fitness Business

Your employees are the face of your fitness business, which is why hiring the right team (trainers/instructors, front-desk staff, sales/marketing staff, management, etc.) is so crucial.

Ready to get started hiring your first employee or growing your fitness team? 

Download this free template (and our accompanying Ultimate Guide to Staffing) to create an easy-to-use staffing resource for your gym or fitness studio, including: 

  • Sample job descriptions and postings

  • Interview questions

  • Training processes

  • Onboarding checklists

  • Termination checklists and more

When it comes to staffing your business with personal trainers/instructors and other employees, it's important to start with your business's core values at the foundation. From there, all other considerations⁠—including your hiring process, trainer policies, and employee handbook⁠—will align.

Our template will also help you to: 

  • Develop core values that guide your fitness business

  • Craft job descriptions and postings, which is the first step in the hiring process

  • Create meaningful interview questions for instructors, personal trainers, front-desk staff, marketing managers, etc. 

  • Send offer letters for team members who are a good fit

  • Establish training processes to work through with each part-time and full-time staff member

  • Write employee policies to keep your team of trainers on track to most effectively serve your clients

Download the Template


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