A Customer Experience Audit for Your Fitness Business

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Customer experience audit for fitness businesses


A Customer Experience Audit for Your Fitness Business

Customers are the foundation of your business. Are you and your staff prioritizing their experience?

Your customer experience is defined by every potential touchpoint and interaction a customer has with your business. For fitness businesses, that includes your website and social media accounts, your front desk and in-studio experience—and every touchpoint in between. 

Your customer experience should align with your brand while feeling cohesive and consistent. 

Is yours exceeding client expectations? Download this interactive audit template to find out. 

Inside you'll find a detailed evaluation of the four stages of your customer journey, including: 

  • Awareness: A prospective customer learns about your business and seeks to find more information on your website, social media, review sites, etc. 

  • Action/Conversion: A customer books a class online or at your front desk with (or without) a seamless booking experience. 

  • Loyalty: A customer stays engaged with your business through targeted marketing communication as well as a reinforced brand and in-studio experience.

  • Advocacy: A customer becomes a brand ambassador with reviews and a robust referral system. 

After you've completed the audit, you'll know where you can improve—and how MINDBODY can help.

Download the Template


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