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Top Trends: Kickboxing

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Research Report

Top Trends: Kickboxing

Kickboxing classes are an increasingly popular way to work out. In fact, 9% of Americans say they kickbox on a regular basis (meaning they hit the gym to punch and jab at least once a week). Another 13% of Americans are hoping to give kickboxing a try next.

It's no wonder; kickboxing is a fast-paced, full-body workout that builds strong muscles and burns calories. While undoubtedly great exercise, kickboxing workouts offer a chance to improve technique, feeling the gratification of graduating from beginner to expert. On top of that, kickboxing classes give kickboxers a chance to build a community with other fitness enthusiasts as well as their instructors.

We took a look at what draws fitness fans to kickboxing and what motivates them to keep coming back to the gym to kick and punch their way through a cardio session. It turns out that kickboxers are a class all their own—working out even more than the average MINDBODY app user!

Download our report and learn more about kickboxing, including: 

  • The top reasons Americans love kickboxing workouts
  • The US metro areas where kickboxing is the most popular
  • What other fitness classes and workouts are frequently paired with kickboxing (hint: martial arts makes the list)
  • What prevents those with a regular kickboxing workout from leading healthy lives—despite all the kicks, punches, jabs, and cardio in class

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