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Healthiest Cities in America

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Chapter one: Defining wellness page out of the Healthiest Cities report

Research Report

Healthiest Cities in America

What's the healthiest city in America? In the 2020 MINDBODY Wellness Index, we ranked the 50 most populous US cities' healthy habits to find out. 

Being named the healthiest city in the country is about more than simply eating vegetables and committing to a consistent fitness routine (though we've got the numbers on both). The MINDBODY Wellness Index ranks the healthiest cities based on residents' wellness attitudes and behaviors as well as local wellness business performance metrics.

To determine the list, we looked at each city's level of physical activity and other healthy lifestyle habits. We also considered important health factors like body mass index (BMI), alcohol consumption, and feeling connected to one's community, friends, and family.

Residents rely on local wellness businesses to achieve and maintain health. Important wellness business factors include the availability of fitness, beauty, and wellness services, and how successful these businesses are in a given city.

Download the report to discover: 

  • The healthiest cities in America and what helped them top the list. 
  • The difference between wellness and health—and why both are important. 
  • The many dimensions of wellness and how each contributes to residents' health.
  • Wellness highs and lows: Which city is happiest? Where do people smoke the most? Who gets the most sleep? Who's least likely to work out? 
  • The top five obstacles preventing Americans from leading healthier lives—and which gender struggles more with them.
  • Stress across the country, including who's the most stressed. 
  • Which dimensions of wellness Americans are focusing on in 2020 and why it's a win-win for both residents and wellness businesses alike. 

Download the Research Report

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