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Fitness in Los Angeles

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Research Report

Fitness in Los Angeles

A 2019 MINDBODY Wellness Index Report

In the 2019 MINDBODY Wellness Index, we ranked the top 50 metro areas in the US to see which had the strongest wellness marketplace, and LA came out strong in 6th. 

What shot LA to the top? Los Angeles loves to work out. In fact, 78% of LA residents do so at least once a week. 

We took a look at the fitness trends in Los Angeles—a city that loves to sweat. Learn the latest and use it to grow your LA fitness business. 

Download the full report to learn all about fitness in LA, including: 

  • How much LA residents spend each year on their fitness routines 
  • LA’s favorite workouts 
  • What motivates Angelenos to exercise
  • The percent of LA residents who love group fitness—even higher than the US average
  • The workouts that Los Angeles wants to try next, broken down by age 
  • What obstacles threaten the health of LA residents
  • How studios and gyms can reach a dedicated fitness community in Los Angeles

Want to read more about national fitness trends? Check out our 2019 Fitness in America report.

Download the Research Report

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