Learning Paths

Business education created for your success

Whether you’re in the planning stages of your business or looking to grow your brand, learning paths are designed to help you reach your goals. Each path bundles videos, guides, webinars, and more and tailors them to your business in an easy-to-follow sequence.

Paths for new businesses

You’re thinking about opening a business and want guidance to help get your idea off the ground, or you’ve got most of the pieces in place and need to figure out the processes you’ll use to run it.

Fitness studio

How to open a fitness studio

Planning and preparation can make or break your studio opening and first year in business. This learning path lays out the groundwork necessary for building a lasting organization, from your business plan to selecting the software you’ll need to run everything.

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Hair salon

How to open a salon or spa

Opening your salon or spa and navigating the first year requires preparation and the right tools. Get the blueprint for everything you need to launch your business, from outlining your goals and processes to choosing the system to manage all of it in one place.

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Paths for businesses who use MINDBODY

You’re up and running and use MINDBODY to handle the day-to-day. Access training that shows you how to get the most from the software and drive your business to the next stage in your growth.

Yoga studio


Work out your advertising strategies, build your branding campaigns, and bring in more new clients with these marketing fundamentals and software how-tos.

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Hair salon

Client retention

Know your clients, stay connected with them, and keep them coming back by creating sales processes and using software features like auto-emails and recurring payments.

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Business metrics and financial planning

Learn how to run, analyze, and set goals based on reports for revenue, attendance, and new client growth. Identify targets and get pricing strategies that improve retention and maximize your bottom line.

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Hair salon

Staff management and payroll

Hire, train, and retain your staff with the right compensation structure, incentives, and responsibilities—and manage it all directly in the software.

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