How to Retain Members at Your Health Club

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How to Retain Members at Your Health Club

Customer retention is essential for any business, but especially for those in the increasingly competitive fitness industry. However, creating customer loyalty isn’t always the easiest thing to accomplish.

Thankfully, there’s innovative, fitness software like FitMetrix to help health clubs and gyms improve member retention. 


With tools that make it easier for trainers and staff to create a connection with members, keep them motivated, and help them reach their fitness goals

Download our guide to learn how FitMetrix by MINDBODY can assist your health club or gym:

  • Before members arrive with easy online booking and an integrated reward system for attendance and referrals

  • Once members arrive with real-time fitness metrics displayed on leaderboards and club-wide challenges to keep them motivated

  • After they leave your club with instant access to their workout results  and communication tools to help trainers stay in touch with members  

Plus, FitMetrix gives your trainers access to member details before, during, and after sessions. This includes photos and videos, notes from sessions, goals, measurements, and more. 

FitMetrix helps keep your club members motivated, while also supporting your trainers and staff. That’s a win all around for your health club or gym. 

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