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Kevin Allen is back.

Back on College Avenue in Oakland, California. It’s just a few blocks down from where he opened his first fitness club in 1998.

Back at Namaste Fit Club—his personal training business that bears the same name as his first club, though much has changed.

Back with MINDBODY—the fitness software that makes him look like the dedicated professional that he is, he says.

Kevin Allen training at Namaste Fit Club

Mostly, though, Allen is back from cancer. About four years after a stage IV diagnosis, surgeries, and the accompanying treatments, Allen is kicking his professional life back into gear with the same exuberance that helped him start it in the first place.

“Everything is a choice,” Allen said. “You can choose to be happy. You can choose to throw a pity party. I just chose to move forward.”

The drive

To understand how far Allen has gone to come back, understand where he’s been.

 After leaving his job as a police officer in 1989, Allen, then a bodybuilder, began training a few clients.

By 1998, he’d developed enough of a reputation to open a 300-square foot gym­—Namaste Fit Club—and start training full-time. He was an early adopter of MINDBODY’s software in the early 2000s, using it to help him run and grow his business.  

Allen’s clients came for his targeted workouts—productive, packed 30-minute sessions that had them feeling and looking better. He’d picked up aspects of his training regimen from professional athletes he’d known and worked out with.

The crash

Through the 2000s and early 10s, Allen’s business hummed along. At one point in 2015, though, he noticed his bike rides were becoming painful. After consulting doctors, and an initial misdiagnosis, Allen found out he had an aggressive form of cancer. That’s when it all came tumbling down.

“I was nearly paralyzed by this time,” Allen said. “I’d lost 90 lbs. And I tried to keep my business, but it just wasn’t feasible. Lost my business, lost my house. We [he has a wife and two children] had to move in with the in-laws.”

Allen spent almost two years living in the hospital—surgeries and other complications kept him from being home.

“I just kept pushing through, though, and fighting, fighting, fighting,” Allen said.

Kevin Allen getting treatment

Getting back up

In 2018, Allen got onto a trial treatment program for his cancer and began recovering his physical abilities. By last Fall, he was well enough to reopen Namaste.

A few clients from his old business followed him back, and he’s growing his membership again with a new MINDBODY account, after briefly working with Vagaro and dumping them quickly.

“I just knew [MINDBODY] was reliable,” Allen said.

Sounds like exactly the sort of partner you want in your corner for a comeback.

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