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How to Protect Your Team of Personal Trainers From Ghosting

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How to Protect Your Team of Personal Trainers From Ghosting

Client no-shows are no fun. When you run a personal training business, each time a client fails to show up for their one-on-one training session, you're losing time and money. 

Even worse? When a personal training client doesn't just miss a workout but seems to vanish completely. This disappearing act is frequently dubbed ghosting. Ghosting is costly for any fitness studio or gym—but it's particularly painful for personal training businesses. To get each new client through the door, business owners put enormous effort into marketing (traditional marketing materials, social media, email marketing, etc.). When clients ghost, it's hard not to think about the costs that went into advertising and promoting the business to get them to sign up for personal training in the first place. 

If you're tired of your personal trainers getting ghosted, you'll want to download our checklist.

Build stronger connections with your personal training clients with these tips for a successful retention strategy, including:

  • Make the most of your retention email marketing—set up emails in your fitness software to automatically send when clients haven't come in for a session in a while 

  • Promote how one-on-one training works at your personal training business on social media and your website so clients know exactly what to expect before they come in for their first training session

  • Let prospective clients get to know your personal training team on social media and make it easy for new clients to find the right trainer for them

  • Use your fitness software to remind your personal trainers to follow up after sessions and other important milestones in clients' lives

  • Help clients stay motivated by tracking fitness improvements and showing progress toward fitness goals

  • Offer a discounted rate on personal training contracts that automatically renew each month

  • Create a client referral program, giving current clients a chance to have a workout buddy (and extra accountability)

  • Before trainers finish coaching each client, make sure they have the client's next training appointment booked

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