Burn Boot Camp + MINDBODY

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A camp at a Burn Boot Camp location

Case Study

Burn Boot Camp + MINDBODY

How Burn Boot Camp leverages MINDBODY to engage new members, securely and at scale

While Burn Boot Camp opened a whopping 234 locations in 38 states in just four years, the brand started with much humbler beginnings.

Before taking off as a fast-growing franchise, Devan Kline and his co-owner, COO, and wife Morgan, initially hosted camps in a local parking lot in Huntersville, North Carolina.

The concept grew and the Klines realized that they had an opportunity to grow and create something unique in the fitness market. Since then, Burn Boot Camp has excelled at bringing their concept to new markets and maintaining growth. In order to support this vision and its impressive growth, the Burn Boot Camp staff has trusted MINDBODY since 2013.

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