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Heat Up Your Clients' Summer Workouts with Gamification

By Mario Ruiz

Whether your members are looking to stay active while on vacation at the beach or during a group fitness class within your facility, help them to heat up their summer workouts with gamification solutions. By integrating fitness and technology, FitMetrix by MINDBODY gamifies the workout experience, driving healthy competition and engagement among members both inside and outside of the gym.

With in-class leaderboards, customizable branded mobile app technology, and heart monitoring capabilities, there are a number of solutions to help members push themselves to reach their personal bests this summer.

Allow members to compete against themselves and others

Designed to engage gym members in fitness classes from spin to group training, the in-studio leaderboard technology tracks real-time watts, RPM, and calories burned—and also ranks members based on their performance. By utilizing the leaderboard technology to run sprints or create completely customizable team challenges, group fitness leaders are able to help members push themselves harder while simultaneously driving engagement.

Seamlessly integrating with most heart rate monitors and indoor bikes, leaderboard technology allows members to track their results in real-time during group fitness classes. Class instructors can send branded end-of-class summary emails allowing participants to share their class results directly to their social media channels.

Extend the experience outside of the club

Creating the ultimate experience that keeps members engaged both inside and outside of the gym, FitMetrix by MINDBODY's customizable branded mobile app technology allows gym-goers to track their workouts and progress right from their smartphones.

As your members head out of town for summer vacations this season, allow them to stay on track and create impactful workouts no matter their location. With mobile app technology, members can experience the same heart rate training benefits from a group fitness class on the go just as they would while in your facility. This helps members to stay engaged with their progress even while they are away.

Instructors can use the app to take gamification one step further by allowing gym members to view and collect reward points and participate in club-wide challenges straight from their phones. Group fitness leaders can even send push notifications of members’ progress keeping them engaged every step of the way.

All in all…

Gamification helps members to stay on track with their workouts, whether they are near or far from their home gym facilities. By utilizing this technology to allow members to track and trend their progress, even when they are outside of the gym, members can push themselves to reach their personal fitness goals this summer.

Keep clients moving this summer with fitness tracking software.

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About the author:

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