Will Tomlinson teaching class at Tribute Boxing

How MINDBODY Helps Tribute Boxing Be a Contender

By Meredith Simmons

When Will Tomlinson talks about his goals for Tribute Boxing in Abbotsford, Australia, he pulls no punches. “My ambition is to give everyday people access to proper boxing training,” he said.

While it’s a lofty goal, Will and his team can continuously deliver a best-in-class experience to his students for one reason: all the instructors at Tribute Boxing are experienced fighters.

For Will, Tribute is an extension of his professional boxing career. After retiring from boxing in August 2016, the former IBO Super Featherweight World Champion worked with his strength and conditioning coach, Jay Milford Robinson, to create and launch Tribute just outside of Melbourne. Now as co-owners, Will and Jay can share a version of Will’s training with the public.

The gym extends  the legacy of Will’s career and is also designed to honour legendary fighters—the meaning behind the name, ‘Tribute.’ “We’ve named our programs after iconic fighters from all areas—that’s essentially who we’re paying tribute to,” Will explained. “As a fighter myself, those are the names I look up to and respect.”

With programs like Ali and Tyson, it’s not surprising that the gym is hiring more staff to increase class capacity just twelve weeks after launching. “I never expected it to catch on so quickly,” Will said.

Will attributes the gym’s explosive growth to the amount of attention the gym has received on social media, especially from students who post photos of their workout in the unique space. “Everyone that comes into the gym wants to get a photo, upload it and show that they’re working out at Tribute.”

Even though Will could not anticipate what would happen once he opened his doors, he knew that he would need help running the gym—that’s why he turned to MINDBODY fitness software. Long before he ever thought of opening a boxing gym, Will was familiar with MINDBODY; when he fought professionally in the United States, his wife worked at a fitness studio in LA that used MINDBODY.

Now, just three months after opening Tribute, the gym has received nearly 5,000 bookings through MINDBODY—including through the MINDBODY app and Tribute’s own branded app. With MINDBODY, Will can track the success of his business—and know when it’s time to expand both the number of classes he offers, as well as teachers he employs.

“As business owners, it’s reassuring to see that all the work we’ve put in and all the work we’re doing is all paying off,” Will said.

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About the author:

Meredith Simmons

Senior Content Marketing Specialist and Certified Group Fitness Instructor


Meredith is an avid sports fan and group fitness addict, which lead to her becoming a certified fitness instructor in 2019. A long-time MINDBODYian, Meredith helps tell the stories of the thousands of businesses using MINDBODY to make the world a happier and healthier place.


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